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If I were to ask you a question related to the Android phone, what do you like the most in Android as an OS? What will be your answer? I just want to know one big thing; you like the most about this gigantic (Gigantic in sense of widely used) Operating system? I must say, most of you will say, its ability to offer people to get any app installed.

Yes, Android is widely around the globe adopted operating system, and it has leg behind the mother of all OS, Microsoft. Windows mobile phone was a big flop and Microsoft which put the gun on the shoulder of Nokia to test the compatibility and popularity of Microsoft for Smartphones. Now, it is not any secret, Windows smartphone got no future. We were talking about Android phones and the ability of them to get an app installed, to provide a wide range of application to get a job done.

Android comes with Google Play Store, an official app store for Android users, this also widely known and biggest application store around the globe following App store for iOS devices.

People uploaded application on this application store and earning bread and butter. It is like now has become the official upload console for Android developers, and no doubt about that, Google pays good money in sense of advertisements compare to other app stores.

There is some restriction, which is by the way good as Google has to pay developers- there are apps which are in-app purchase list. And if you were to download them, you have to pay the described amount of money. If you have not any medium to pay for the app, or you simply do not want to pay, you cannot have that application.

There came a hurdle- moreover, Google Play Store also does not like modded application.

Now, there was a space- with the described features, and when there is a market, the product necessarily comes.

There came the Tutu APP

What is Tutu App?

Tutu App is third-party application store, which provides a free application.

You were getting the free application on Google Play Store, so what is the big deal, and why to get a third party source to download those apps which we are already getting via Play Store?

At least you have to listen to me completely- this is just one feature.

This provides you free application for those applications which are in-app-purchase on Google Play Store.

In simple words those apps for which you were paying over Google Play Store, here you can get them free of cost.

Thousands of games, applications, books, media, wallpapers and much more can be downloaded from Tutu App store with just tap of the finger.

Tutu Application was developed by Chinese developers and all features functions were in Chinese.

Chinese I think may not have dreamed about this level of success of this Tutu Application.

But, in truth, the application provides mind-boggling results, that results which no other application store provided.

Not only the free application, but modded apps, cracked apps, modded games and modded apps can also be downloaded via this application.

There are no charges to get the apps installed- you just get the app on your phone and start downloading, this is as simple as mentioned.

Install Tutu App on Android:

Though there are versions to get Tutu installed on iOS devices and computer, here we provide you the version to get this installed on the Android phone.

To get Tutu installed on computers and iOS devices, you may need to get a separate file.

  • Download Tutu App from the given download link, the link has already been provided to you. Just tap on it, and get it on your Android phone.
  • One more thing, I need very important to mention in here
  • You have downloaded Tutu App from a third-party source, as the application is available on Google Play Store, but there are so many apps come when you search Tutu, so it got confusing which is official and which is not.
  • So, you have to change the Android phone’s installation setting accordingly
  • Google Play Store does not allow users to get the app installed with the default settings which does not come from Play Store.
  • So, go to your Android phone’s setting -> security settings – and find the unknown source radio button
  • Check this button on
  • And now you are ready to get Tutu App installed on your phone.
  • Now, locate where you have downloaded the application, tap it on to begin the installation

And just wait to complete the installation and to use Tutu App to download free apps, games and much more.

Download premium application, modded games:

As I mentioned Tutu App is a great source to download cracked apps and games without paying a single penny. There may be hundreds of thousands of apps and games on the server of this app store. And people love to get the app on the store, with just one tap. And whenever you were to download a premium application choose Tutu App.

So, it is like having a Flexible Android operating system with the default Tutu App store. And you can amuse with the lots of free applications and games.

Jailbreak apps also available on there, those who need to root permission also marked there in the list. But, to get any of the apps on your phone either it is jailbreak or rooted, you will no longer be rooting your phone. You can get all the benefits of all application without rooting your device.

I again mentioned, downloading cracked app, and modded games are not allowed legally. So, if anything goes wrong with you by apps provided by Tutu App platform, this company will no longer be held accountable.

Features of Tutu APK:

Tutu is globally acknowledged and famously known application store to download cracked apps and modded games without paying anything.

There are dozens of features of this application store, and I in this single post cannot post all of them. So, we are just going to provide you with the key features of the application store.

The use of this application store, on the other hand, is very handy and simple. Lunch it on your phone, and there is search bar on the head of the store, tap it on. And start searching for the desired application or games.

But, there are other features as well: Like you can go to the popular apps section, recently added apps section, top-rated apps section to see the latest events on the home screen of Tutu App.

  • Tutu App is the biggest application store platform which provides the users free of cost premium applications and games. The apps which are in-app purchase on Google Play Store, one can get free of cost.
  • There are modded games, cracked apps, wallpapers, media files, songs and much more which one can search via Search bar on the head of the application home screen.
  • There are various filters which a user can use to get an app downloaded, like recent apps uploaded filter, filter with the year, filter with modded and cracked apps, filter with premium apps and much more.
  • The application was in the Chinese language, and only Chinese were able to use it, but now it has been converted into English and people around the planet can get the right use of it.
  • Search for any application, modded game and with just one-click of your finger, get them downloaded on your phone.
  • Tutu App is almost available for all big operating system, and one can get this installed, without any compatibility issue, like on Android, Windows an iOS device.
  • You even can find the media files in this application store, all of them will also be available free of cost.
  • The application store now comes in different languages; you can set the desired language and download any application.
  • You know the game due to which this application became the hit overnight night, Pokémon Go.

There are the different versions of this application store, and with one or more specialty people get them installed, the version which we are going to provide you in here, a general Tutu App, official one.

Final words:

Genuinely I believe Tutu application provides mind-blowing features, and with free resources, one can get an app downloaded from this store.

Like, you may not see cracked games, modded games, application, premium apps, without rooting or jailbreaking under one roof.

You may get an application for each feature, and there are dime a dozen.

But, having that level of versatility, features, and functions, this is near to impossible.

I have tested, installed and used lots of those so-called apps, which claim to be equal with Tutu App, but most of them are fake, try to get personal data of you, and spam the account or get the malicious codes installed in the devices.

So, before getting the app with Tutu App installed on your phone, get to know the official version.

Moreover, if you face any problem while installing this application store, or anything what you want us to answer, contact us we are always there to solve your problem.

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